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Up to 30 students – $75/program
31 to 50 students – $100/program
51 to 100 students – $125/program

Desert Dwellers – Adventure into the desert from the comfort of your classroom. Learn about what a desert is and what makes our desert, the Sonoran Desert, unique and unlike any other desert in the world! Learn about and meet three live animals from the Sonoran Desert, that could include a scorpion, a Gila monster, a desert kingsnake, a Sonoran Desert toad or a tarantula. (60 minutes)



Specifically designed for ages 3-5

These programs are a great way for your preschoolers to learn more about animals, their adaptations, and the habitats they live in. Museum educators read a book, share touchable wildlife artifacts and live animals in our classroom during a forty-five minute progra

Insect & Spider Discovery (preschool)

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