Let the Museum come to you! Outreach programs are a great way for your group to learn more about a particular topic as Museum Educators bring knowledge, touchable wildlife items, and live animals to your site. Programs are cross-curricular and based on the Arizona Academic Standards for grades EC-8. Programs can also be held at the museum during your field trip. The museum can travel to locations in the greater Tucson area.

Outreach scholarships may be available – fill out the outreach request here and type SCHOLARSHIP in the comments section.

Outreach Scholarships are available for groups of up to 30 students and are given out on a first come, first serve basis. There is a limit of 3 outreaches per school. If you have any questions, please contact Katie at katier@thewildlifemuseum.org or call 520.798.4890.

Preschool Discovery Outreaches

These programs are a great way for your preschoolers to learn more about animals, their adaptations, and the habitats they live in. Museum educators read a book and share touchable wildlife artifacts and live at your school during a 45 minute program.
Choose between:
Rascally Reptiles, Insect & Spider Discovery, Animal Discovery

Elementary School Outreaches

Grades K-5

Reptile Rally – Learn about the different reptile groups by viewing live members of the reptile family. Touch an alligator skull, turtle shell, and snake shed to discover the unique characteristics that have helped these “living fossils” survive. (60 minutes)
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Animal Diversity – Meet a representative of each of six different animal groups. Learn the characteristics that define each group and make them unique. (60 minutes)
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Insects and Spiders – Enter the wonderful worlds of spiders and insects to explore the similarities and difference of their body structure and life history. (60 minutes)
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Live Animal Encounter – Get up close and personal with some live critters! Animals vary depending on availability, but may include up to 4 animals such as Madagascar hissing cockroaches, bearded dragon, Chinese water dragon, box turtle, Russian tortoise, kingsnake or ball python. (30 minutes)

Elementary School Outreaches

Grades 2-5

Bone Bonanza – Discover clues about the natural history of an animal by looking at its skull! Examine the difference between an exoskeleton and endoskeleton. Observe live animals while learning about their special skeletons. (60 minutes)

Tropical Topics – Discover the diversity of jungle life by learning the life layers. View everyday products that originate from the tropics. Examine live and mounted animals from the rainforest and meet one of nature’s recyclers! (60 minutes)
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Outreach Prices (at your location)

0 – 30 Students: $75/program
31 – 50 Students: $100/program
51 – 100 Students: $125/program

These same outreaches can be presented while your class is on a field trip here at the museum. The cost is $35/class (up to 30 students per class)


Regular Museum Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

4800 W Gates Pass Road, Tucson, AZ 85745
+1 520-629-0100

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