Temporary Exhibit - IndigenoUS by Jana Booker

IndigenoUS by Jana Booker

IndigenoUS explores six different tribes from New Zealand, North American and Africa. Each piece is hand-sculpted out of leather by artist Jana Booker. IndigenoUS will be on exhibit through July 2018.

Exhibit Opening Reception
Please join us on March 10th from 1-3pm to view the exhibit and meet the artist. Museum admission will be free during this time.

Artist Statement:
Through my work I explore human vulnerability- those moments in time where we express our hopes, our fears, our sadness, and joy. Human emotion has no boundary of race, gender or economic status. It simply is. Emotions connect us all and give us the ability to empathize with each other. Tribes in the modern age continue to live as they did thousands of years ago but face issues that affect their ancient ways of life. They are living ancestors and deserve our respect and our understanding of the challenges they face. IndigenoUs is my tribute to honor the tribes of the world. I value their knowledge and wisdom from their connection to the Earth and to each other. Let’s join together and create a compassionate community for us all.

Artist Biography

Jana Booker, a California native, began her career as a sculptor in Disney’s Imagineering in 1991. Her work is placed in Hotels, Theme Parks and has been featured in movies, TV, and commercials. As a teenager, Jana was a sponsored skateboarder and won the title, “California State Champion” in 1977.

She began experimenting with organic materials and innovated a process for shaping leather into monumental portraits that live. She also uses her technique to create leather bowls and jewelry that she sells privately and at Art fairs.

Jana at this time does commissions for the entertainment industry and for private collectors.

Jana now resides in Tucson, AZ.

For questions, studio visits and commissions contact at janabooker@icloud.com




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