Temporary Exhibit - Wise Use Wildlife

Wise Use Wildlife
Did you know that there are currently 109,724 buttons on exhibit right now?! If you haven't seen this AMAZING new exhibit, get down to the Museum today! Local Tucson artist Halina Tepper creates wildlife sculptures out of buttons, plastic containers and other recycled materials. It just may inspire you to see what you can create from items typically thrown away! On exhibit through August 31, 2017.

Halina Tepper
Halina Tepper is a recognized talent in the creative arts, design and fabrication arena. Her button sculptures are her present focus. She is a wildlife artist, hand crafter, doll/toy maker and pattern designer. Her other abilities include basket weaving, beading, quillwork, sewing arts and crochet, fabric painting, acrylic painting on canvas, wood, doors, and walls, and recycling of fabrics, glass, plastics, marble and wood scraps.

How It All Started
Halina was born in OMSK, Siberia, Russia in 1941 and came out of a war-torn Europe, residing in the American sector of Germany until her family received sponsorship to enter the United States. Halina landed in New York in 1949 at age eight, where her new life would begin with a new language and customs. Until she learned to speak and understand English, she had more time for individual amusement to keep herself occupied. Halina explored everywhere and brought back something on every outing –­ broken pieces of what was once something of value to someone else. They became treasures to a child who had little in the way of material goods. Halina quickly started to collect and attach the pieces together like a puzzle, trying to make something from nothing. It took imagination and patience to turn a piece of wood into a doll or something else to play with.

Halina has been recycling ever since. Today, Halina is the ultimate crafter. She imagines, designs, sources, and fabricates. Halina is a self-taught artist who sews, knits, crochets, weaves baskets, paints, builds, and writes. Her Metamorphosis of a Door described how she converted plain doors into works of art. It was published online around the world. Her crafts were seen in magazines throughout North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Her paintings and crafts have been privately placed around the world to undisclosed admirers.In recent years, Halina has found a passion for a new medium to work with–buttons. Just as she did as a young girl growing up in Europe, Halina continues to search, and now turns common buttons into unique objects of art.

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