Wildlife Theater


The following movies are shown daily in our Wildlife Theater:

Movies change quarterly with the seasons.

10am: The Biggest & The Fastest - 23 minutes
Why are polar bears so big and cheetahs so fast? Great question! We’ll show you how different animals use their incredible size or lightning speed to survive.

11am: Deep Sea Dive - 45 minutes
Dive into fun and explore the world’s oceans from surface to seafloor. Come face to face with great whales, friendly dolphins, scary sharks and all the ocean’s amazing treasures.

12pm: Wildest Australia: 52 minutes
Wildest Australia touches on all of Australia’s major territories, from its vast eucalyptus forests and inland deserts to its lush rainforests and coral reefs. See crocodiles, sharks, kangaroos, platypus and koalas.

1pm: Caves - 50 minutes
Caves are one of the only habitats not directly driven by sunlight, but this doesn’t mean there’s no wildlife living in their confines. Descend into darkness to witness the unseen behaviors of bizarre creatures like cave angel fish that attach themselves to walls and swiftlets that build nests from saliva.

2pm: Supersocieties  - 50 minutes
View insects like bees, wasps and termites who form colonies and supercolonies.

3pm: Sophisticated Serpents - 50 minutes
Examine the fascinating lives of the most misunderstood group of reptiles - the snakes - and see that their simplistic body design has contributed to their success.

4pm: Growing Up Moose - 42 minutes 
The moose is the largest ungulate on the planet and has few predators in the wild. However, a baby moose is a very different story. Follow the story of Mush as the staff at Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien give her the care and love she needs to survive in captivity.



Groups studying a particular topic can request a special movie on that topic or click here for some choices.