Wildlife Theater


The following movies are shown daily in our Wildlife Theater:

10am: Animal Holiday - 30 minutes
Do penguins live at the North Pole? Where do polar bears go in the winter? Why do beluga whales "sing"? Curious children want to know, so Santa calls on his furry friends to help explain it all - in song! Now your family can join in the fun as National Geographic Video combines classic wildlife footage with your favorite holiday tunes.

11am: Growing Up Penguin - 43 minutes
Its nesting season for the Humboldt penguins at the Oregon Zoo... and eggs abound. Join zookeepers Shawn and Rick as they help an endangered penguin chick begin her incredible journey into adulthood.

12pm: Tasha the Polar Bear - 30 minutes
Tasha and her brother Lars are growing up, and it's time for their mom to give them lessons on living by themselves. Tasha and Lars learn to hunt, hop ice floes, and avoid the mean-tempered bears. Then Tasha is left to face the brutal winter alone. You'll see how remembering her mother's lessons helps Tasha to become a fearless polar princess!

1pm: Planet Earth: Ice Worlds - 50 minutes
Journey to the polar extremes of our planet. Freshwater is frozen and out of reach, and coupled with numbing temperatures, this makes life hard in frozen climates from the top to the bottom of the world.

2pm: Life in the Freezer: The Big Freeze  - 30 minutes
See those who stay in Antarctica during the coldest weather. As almost all animal inhabitants of Antarctica are forced to migrate, the sea underneath the ice still provides a home to many specially adapted fish whose cells are protected from freezing through an inherent "antifreeze".

3pm: Growing Up Seal - 43 minutes
Stranded baby seals get a second chance at life at the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward, Alaska. Dedicated staff nurse a starving baby ringed seal back to health. A rigorous training program prepares the rescued seals for their return to the wild

4pm: Life in the Freezer - 30 minutes 
This episode describes how Antarctica changes throughout the seasons, as it effectively doubles in size in winter when the surrounding sea freezes over, "the greatest seasonal change that takes place on this planet." Penguins, whales and seals are shown feeding in the Southern Ocean.


Groups studying a particular topic can request a special movie on that topic or click here for some choices.