Wildlife Theater


The following movies are shown daily in our Wildlife Theater:

Movies change quarterly with the seasons.

10am: Something Extra - 23 minutes - Some animals just have something extra. A horn! A third leg! A special ability! Uncover the secrets of these extraordinary creatures.

11am: Marshmania! - 30 minutes - Learn about the countless creatures that fly, crawl, wriggle and walk through the marshland habitat. Take flight and explore the world of birds.

12pm: Jungles - 50 minutes – Enter a world of mood and menace, and witness intense competition on a macro and micro scale as jaguars track prey and fungi infiltrate insect hosts.

1pm: Secret Yellowstone - 46 minutes – Witness towering waterfalls, rarely seen predator behavior by wolves and grizzly bears and ecological mysteries found only in this uniquely challenging environment.

2pm: Prehistoric Predators: Sabertooth - 45 minutes - Travel back in time and go face-to-face with the most ferocious animal giant of the Ice Age - the saber-toothed cat.

3pm: River Monsters: Alligator Gar - 40 minutes – There is a fish in the deep South that is reputed to have committed a series of violent attacks on humans. This creature is said to be as vicious as a shark and big as a gator. Extreme angler Jeremy Wade heads to Texas to reveal the truth about the Alligator Gar.

4pm: Mountain Building in the Desert - 30 minutes -The program features outstanding visual imagery combined with interesting facts and information about this fascinating area of the desert Southwest.


Groups studying a particular topic can request a special movie on that topic or click here for some choices.