Wildlife Theater

Spring Movie Schedule

The following movies are shown daily in our Wildlife Theater:

10am: Animal Mysteries: Black & White - 23 minutes
Peacocks parade in the open. But could you spot a tiger in the woods? A giraffe in the grassland? Don't be so sure! From black to white to rainbow, there's a reason behind every animal's colors and patterns.

11am: Migration – 25 minutes
To answer the questions of why and how animals, birds and insects travel up to thousands of miles before returning, we'll follow several species as they make their miraculous journeys.

12pm: The Animal House – 60 minutes
Animals build homes for reasons very similar to our own, but they've been doing it for much longer. From a small depression in the sand to an elaborate, multi-chambered tunnel - animal structures can be simple or architectural marvels.

1pm: Seasonal Forests – 50 minutes
Discover the Taiga forest, on the edge of the Arctic where a third of all trees on Earth grow here. In California General Sherman, a giant sequoia is the largest living thing on the planet, ten times the size of a blue whale. The oldest organisms alive are bristlecone pines. At more than 4,000 years old they pre-date the pyramids.

2pm: Great Barrier Reef – 42 minutes
Off the northern shore of Australia, below the surface of the Coral Sea, teems one of the richest marine life environments in the world. These scientists investigate the earliest formations of the reef and try to answer the question: How long can the reef survive?

3pm: In Search of the Jaguar – 54 minutes
Journey into the heart of jaguar country to experience the thrilling, often perilous quest to save this great cat from extinction.

4pm: Eyewitness: Bird – 30 minutes
Soar through the sky and around the world in an exciting journey from the bird's distant dinosaur past to its present astonishing variety. Take an up-close look at the staggering range of sizes, shapes and habitats of these feathered creatures and experience the miracle of flight.


Groups studying a particular topic can request a special movie on that topic or click here for some choices.