Current Temporary Exhibits:

Roar into the Future

Enter a replica of an African lion research tent and learn why lions are important animals – ecologically, culturally, and economically. Population surveys, habitat conservation, lion management, ensuring prey availability, and human – lion mitigation are all important to lion conservation and sustainable use.



Southeastern Swamp Stomp

Learn about native and invasive plants and animals that live in Southeastern U.S. swamps. Stick your head inside a 14 foot alligator's mouth, touch a wild boar and put together a swamp food web puzzle.

Swamp Exhibit.JPG

Past Temporary Exhibits:

Burning For Wildlife

City Critters: Who Lives in Your Backyard?

Africa's Deadliest

Human Wildlife Conflict

Living Fossils

Stealing Wildlife

Reptiles - Scaly, Not Slimy!

Desert Oasis

Sharks: Fierce Hunters of the Sea

Arizona Jaguars: Big Cats on the Border

Prehistoric Pronghorn

Explore the Museum's insect collections:

Hyatt Collection

Coleman Collection

exhibit fade.gifBrowse our Photo Gallery of animals photgraphed on the grounds of the International Wildlife Museum - and then come see them for yourself!  Take pictures of insects, birds, mammals, reptiles  or amphibians on our grounds and submit them to us.  If chosen to appear in our Photo Gallery, your name will appear with your photo.